Drum Major Tips

Do not come to rehearsal without something to do just in case everything goes to shambles and the groups need to relearn drill.

Be confident and if you don’t feel confident, act like yuo re. This will give the band a feeling of security that you will lead them through any mess ups and that they can do what they need to do.

Acquaint yourself with all of the band members. this makes a stronger bond among the members.

Be positive, you are the leader in the way that counts most. If you and the band are in a show and everything goes wrong, they look to you to help fix it.

Be Loud!!! The band must be able to hear you.



This is one thing that is different from everything else. This is something that is not what others are when it comes to music. Marching band is making the songs come to life in a story with visuals and sound. It is like a play but instead of actors, you have musicians.